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Take Off the Mask: Find Your Purpose


What makes you feel alive and excited about how you spend your time?
What value do you contribute to the world?

Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and what we’re meant to be doing.
It’s up to us to discover – or rediscover – the person we’re meant to be.

 The person we want to be.
Our authentic selves.
But how do we get there?

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. All of us go through times of change in our lives.
Times of transition. Of crisis. Of awakening. Of discovery.

I’ve embraced my true self,
and I can help you do the same through:

  • Creating conscious well-being and life balance
  • Living strengths and values personally and professionally
  • Overcoming fears, old stories and limiting beliefs
  • Igniting passion, cultivating creativity and having more joy
  • Experiencing healthy connections and deep relationships
  • Leading with heart, passion and clarity
  • Integrating sustainable change

It’s Time tolife-coach-louisville-kentucky-1
Excavate & Activate
Your True Spirit.

Personal Coaching

For individuals at any age and stage
of life

  • Life Coaching
  • Life Transition Coaching
  • Creative & Entrepreneurial
  • Leadership Training
  • Effective Communication

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Professional Consulting

For executives and emerging leaders, corporations, non-profits, universities, boards of directors and groups of all sizes

  • Executive Coaching
  • Creative & Entrepreneurial Consulting
  • Leadership Training
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Interactive Workshops

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Success Stories

heather-mickleyJennifer Blair is an immensely gifted coach. As a client, she has guided me to positive changes that permeate my life, encouraging life balance, personal growth and illuminating the path to finding my passion.

Her true talent is her ability to lead people to a mindset that develops their very best, while addressing key patterns that serve as obstacles to growth.

Empowered with a wealth of tools that support her clients’ vision and a steady stream of follow up, compassion, accountability and wisdom, she truly finds joy in every aspect of her work. I often say, she is the coach with the most and an inspirational force.”

Heather Mickley
Branding & Marketing Consultant
San Francisco, CA

susan-lampinenJennifer has supported me in rediscovering my Divine authentic power, helped raise my consciousness in a non-judgmental and loving way with clarity, intention and the gift of digging beneath my words, asking questions that help me to uncover my inner truths.

I now live with inner power, passion, speaking my truth and walk the path with beauty. It has been a gift to my soul to reconnect with my sacred and honor it.

I use values Jennifer helped me to unearth for every major decision in my life, and as a reminder of who ‘I’ am. Since I began coaching with Jennifer, I know anything is possible with her guidance and support.  Jennifer just ‘gets it.’”

Susan Lampinen
Group Chief Designer – Color + Material Design
Ford Motor Company, Detroit, MI