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Learn more about me through my website, blog, my “Excavate Yourself” newsletter, “Be Who You Are: 6 Ways to Excavate Yourself” free interactive e-book (you get this when you sign-up for my e-mail list), social media outlets or inspirational speaking engagements.

Buy my book, The True You Reimagined: Discover Your Authentic Self, to take a deep dive into how you can live an inspired life and discover your truest self, as well as learn about my philosophies and gain some amazing insights along the way.

Sign up for a complimentary, confidential informational session to see if Excavive Life Coaching is right for you. In short, coaching is for people who want to strengthen their sense of self, grow and move forward personally and professionally. Let’s make sure you are ready for coaching and that I am the right coach for you. If not, we will figure that out in our 30-minute call. E-mail me to set up a time to connect.


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Here’s What’s Next:

1Once you purchase a package, you will receive a Welcome to Excavive Coaching Packet which includes a Welcome Letter, Personal Info Sheet, Life Coaching Questionnaire, Excavive Coaching Agreement and “How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching” guidelines. If your package includes my book, you will receive your copy (or copies) and bookmark by mail once full payment is received.

2Please complete the Personal Info Sheet and Excavive Coaching Agreement, and return to me. This gives us the framework to work from and covers the details.

3Next, schedule your first session and begin work on your Life Coaching Questionnaire. Take your time with this form, as it will help me understand what you want to receive during our time together. And, it’s a great start on your own process of self-discovery

4Coaching sessions are one-hour by phone or Zoom. It’s your responsibility to call me at our scheduled session time on my coaching line. I also offer in-person sessions on a limited basis. I recommend weekly sessions initially to build momentum, and then every other week.

5Be prepared for your coaching session. You will also receive a Coaching Call Prep Form to decide what you want to work on. Incomplete homework is not a reason to cancel a session, there is still an opportunity to grow and learn.

I provide extra support and accountability between sessions through e-mail, texts and brief phone calls (10-15 minutes.) Please e-mail me any homework, “aha’s,” successes, challenges or thoughts… I am here as a sounding board. My hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am- 4:00 pm ET, unless I break my own rules.

Excavive Coaching Packages

A Few More Things to Know

I am fierce for your growth, success and happiness. I will hold you up when you can’t do that for yourself. Your job is to show up and do the work, including homework and committed sessions.

Confidentiality: All information is held in confidence between us. This creates a safe environment for each of us to excavate, learn and grow. Coaching is NOT therapy or counseling. If an issue arises that is beyond the scope of Coaching, I will recommend you seek additional professional assistance. Coaching does not take the place of seeking proper treatment, legal or financial advice.

Coaching Fees: Pre-paid coaching fees are non-refundable, and expire one year from date of purchase. Payment in full is expected at the time of booking unless you have a payment plan as part of your package. If an issue arises after your purchase, sessions may be postponed or your package may be gifted to someone else prior to beginning a package. After that, the remaining sessions minus one can be used by someone else who is coachable and agrees to the same terms.

Changes: In the event you must reschedule a session, I ask for a 24-hour notice. Missing an appointment without advanced notice is considered a paid session. If you are late to an appointment, you will only have the remaining time scheduled for your session.

Tax Deductions: Coaching may be tax deductible as Professional Development, but please check with your accountant or tax professional. Be sure to keep a copy of your receipt.

Renewals: At the completion of the initial coaching package, you may continue the process of self-discovery by renewing your package or designing a month-to-month program with me. All renewals are due before scheduling your next appointment, usually the day of the last session of your current package.

Bonus Coaching Sessions: Excavive clients are offered free coaching sessions when referring new clients. Ask for details!

Acceptance of Terms: Client’s payment will show evidence that both parties are in acceptance of these terms.

Giving Back: As part of my commitment to empower women, a portion of my Coaching profits will go to women’s organizations to financially and emotionally empower other women.

It is a privilege to be on your path with you, and I thank you for entrusting me during this time. Let the journey begin!