Excavive offerings

Do you feel alive and passionate
about what you do?

jennifer-m-blair-excavive-life-coach-kentuckyWhat do you want more of? Love, freedom, passion or peace?
More abundance, success, confidence or joy?

What do you crave?

Are you living a full life today? What activities have “heart and soul” meaning for you? What kind of life do you want to create for yourself?

So often we have ideas and dreams, but our day-to-day responsibilities keep us stuck. Our own fears, real and imagined, keep us from having the life we really want to lead.

I’m here to empower you.
Because I believe in you.

You’re smart, creative, and resourceful – and you’re eager for more in life – for an authentic life. One where you truly be yourself and feel successful in all life areas.

I’ve spent almost two decades coaching clients, calling on my training, experience and intuition. Let me guide you through brainstorming breakthroughs and creative solutions. Together, we’ll help you dream, plan, learn, question, feel and explore your way toward your truest life.

By selecting one or more of my programs below, you and I will begin the process of discovering your ideal destination and how to get there by making empowered (and fun!) choices along the way. Let the journey begin!


life-coach-louisville-kentucky-3Excavive Empowerment Hour

Our dynamic one-hour session will boost your confidence, define your direction and clarify any life area or situation that’s been exceptionally challenging for you lately. Maybe you’ve got an important job interview coming up or a first date after a long dry spell. Maybe you just need prioritizing and next steps.

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life-coach-louisville-kentucky-4Excavive Empowerment Coaching Package
3 Sessions Over 3-6 Weeks

Whatever your situation, chances are you have a deep desire to strengthen your sense of self, boost your confidence, take bold action and embrace change that is sustainable and lasting both personally and professionally.

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life-coach-louisville-kentucky-2Excavive Evolve You Coaching Package
10 Sessions Over 2-4 Months

The process of coaching positively and proactively assists you in making sustainable life change quickly and effectively. Now is the time to begin leading a more authentic and balanced life, having more joy and passion every day, leading and communicating more powerfully, and cultivating better relationships.

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life-coach-louisville-kentucky-5Excavive Reimagine Your Life Coaching Package
18 Sessions Over 4-6 Months

Whether you are in a life transition such as exploring a new career, becoming an entrepreneur, running for political office, beginning a new marriage, going through a divorce, going for a promotion, leadership or partner role— or are just ready to play bigger in the world, this intensive one-on-one coaching experience will get you there.

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All information is held in confidence between us. Coaching is NOT therapy or counseling. If an issue arises that is beyond the scope of Coaching, I will recommend you seek additional professional assistance. Excavive maintains a no refunds policy for pre-paid coaching fees and products. If an issue arises after your purchase, sessions may be postponed or your package may be gifted to someone else. The information on this website and during my coaching calls is meant to inspire you, however results may vary and there are no guarantees to your outcome. 
Please visit my How This Works page prior to purchasing your coaching package. Coaching is an investment so make sure you are ready. You will find additional information about my policies on confidentiality, cancellations, re-scheduling, as well as extra support and opportunities for you.