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Over 4-6 months, you will have 18 one-hour sessions to reimagine your life, discover your truest self and transform any and all areas of your life.

Whether you are in a life transition such as exploring a new career, becoming an entrepreneur, running for political office, beginning a new marriage, going through a divorce, going for a promotion, leadership or partner role— or are just ready to play bigger in the world, this intensive one-on-one coaching experience will get you there.

It is time to embrace – or create – what you truly desire most.
Only when you fully understand yourself and the life you want can you make intentional decisions about  you and your future.

Based on my extensive training, personal and professional experiences, my wisdom and intuition, and in-depth client work for almost 20 years, I’ll assist and support you to reimagine not only your goals, but also the other parts of life that will need attention to support your dreams.

Get empowered to explore and claim what you want. During this time, you will:

I’m here to coach and guide you through customized homework, as well as provide exclusive Excavive tools and key communication skills along your journey. I’ll also include a copy of my latest book, The True You Reimagined: Discover Your Authentic Self , my new workbook The True You Workbook: Tools to Reimagine Your Life, and text or email support in-between coaching sessions.

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Package includes:

18 Sessions Over 4-6 Months
Price: $4,590

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Or, you can split your payment in two with an initial payment: $2,500

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Jennifer’s coaching has been transformational for my life. With insight and empathy, she is able to guide me past personal roadblocks and motivate me beyond my preconceptions.

Working with Jennifer, I’ve gained deep insight into my own skills, talents, desires and purpose, which has guided me to better relationships, more satisfying work, and an overall sense of deep satisfaction with my life and the trajectory I am on.

I plan to utilize her coaching throughout my life to continue designing the life I desire.”

Kim Martin
Founder, KMD, LLC
Winston-Salem, NC