Excavive offerings

Over six months, you will have 18, 1-1 1/2 hour sessions to help you make better strategic decisions throughout the divorce process or any other transition that’s scary, confusing, unfamiliar and uncomfortable to you.

Never will you need experienced, non-judgmental support and guidance more than if you find yourself going through a divorce or other significant life transition like facing an empty nest or the death of a loved one.

Even happier changes can bring about stress – buying a home, getting married or becoming a parent, for example.

These are the times when you must embrace – or create – what you truly desire most.
Only when you fully understand yourself and the life you want can you make clear,
thoughtful decisions about all issues related to you and your future.

Based on my own training and firsthand experience, along with what I’ve learned from working with my clients, I’ll help you deepen your understanding of not only your basic and immediate needs, but also your long-term desires.

Get empowered to use any life change as a way to create the life you want, not just something being handed to you. During Life Transition Coaching, you will:

Wherever you are in your process, I’m here to coach, guide and inspire you through customized homework based on more than a decade of coaching experience, my own personal life transitions, in-depth training and intuition. And I’ll share with you my exclusive Excavive tools, along with key communication skills and a resource list of materials that you can refer to along your journey.

You will also receive a custom-designed plan in eight life areas, as well as healing strategies and practical action items to gracefully move through your transition and launch you into your most authentic, luminous life.

Since this might be a difficult time, you will also receive in-between support to help you breath easier, hear a friendly voice and get clear on any next steps. I’ll also include a signed copy of my book, The True You: Tools to Excavate, Explore & Evolve, and in-between email and phone support.

Package includes:

18 Sessions Over 6 Months
Price: $5,297
Deposit: $1,812
Billed: Monthly $697
Or, receive a generous discount with one payment: $4,997

I found Jennifer when I had recently divorced. I had been a stay at home mom for 17 years. I wanted some guidance in re-creating myself and beginning a career.

Jennifer’s life coaching has been extremely helpful to me, and she is very easy to work with. She is just the right amount of accountability and encouragement, along with fresh, creative ideas that have been helpful to me as I have pursued my career in fitness.

Instead of looking into the past, Jennifer is all about moving forward with your new life from today on.”

Lindsey Layton
Owner of Pure Fit
Louisville, KY