Excavive offerings

Our dynamic one-hour session
will boost your confidence, define your direction
and clarify any life area or situation that’s been
exceptionally challenging for you lately.

Maybe you’ve got an important job interview coming up or a first date after a long dry spell.
Maybe you just need to prioritize your next steps.

Wherever you are, I will guide you to your best answers by getting to
the heart of what you need – and what you need to do next.

If you need instant support and a clear path, let me coach you toward clarity, inspired action and beautiful results. Afterward, I’ll send you specific to-dos, along with resource materials that you can refer to along your journey.

Package includes:

A Dynamic One-Hour Session
Price: $225

Jennifer served as my coach, as well as facilitated our organization’s annual board retreat and follow-up sessions during the year. She helped me, as well as our board members, focus on what we wanted and needed to accomplish, and built accountability into the process in a way that wasn’t dictatorial or onerous.

As a result, my job has been more enjoyable and our board members are more involved, dedicated and enthusiastic now that we have clear goals that match individual talents and passions.

We are excited about what we have all been able to accomplish since we started our coaching relationship with Jennifer. ”

Jennifer Rubenstein
Executive Director
Louisville Independent Business Alliance, Louisville, KY