Excavive offerings

Our dynamic one-hour session
will boost your confidence, define your direction
and give clarity to any life situation that needs a tune-up.

Maybe you’ve got an important job interview coming up or a first date after a long dry spell.
Maybe you just need to prioritize your next steps.

Wherever you are, I will guide you to your best answers by getting to
the heart of what you need – and what you need to do next.

If you want instant support and a clear path, let me coach you toward clarity, inspired action and beautiful results. Afterward, I’ll send you coaching tools that you can refer to along your journey.

Package includes:

Empowerment Hour (1 hour)
Price: $295

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Strengths Super Hour (1 1/2 hours using the CliftonStrengths 34 assessment tool)
Price: $495

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Ashley S. Parker Real Estate Agent & Broker Louisville, KYJennifer not only helped me reach my financial goals, but also assisted me in determining and understanding my core values and strengths.

I am now able to set my goals around those values and strengths, and enrich my life accordingly.

I now make better personal and professional decisions on how and where to invest my time, resources and energy.”

Ashley Parker
Louisville, KY