Excavive offerings

Over the course of six weeks,
you will receive four powerful hour-long sessions
to excavate and inspire you
into an authentic and passionate life.

We will examine eight life areas, define your values and strengths, build an inspired game plan, expand your courage to take action and adjust your plan in real time.

Whatever your situation, chances are you have a deep desire
to strengthen your sense of self, boost your confidence, pursue your passion, create clear intentions, eliminate fear, take bold action and embrace
change that is sustainable and lasting both personally and professionally.

Let me coach you through breakthrough brainstorming and customized homework that will get you to where you want to go. And, I’ll share with you my exclusive Excavive tools and a resource list of materials that you can refer to throughout your journey. Also included is in-between email support.

Package includes:

Four Sessions Over 4-6 Weeks
Price: $888

hulyn-farrJennifer guided me on an exciting journey of self discovery. My specific goal was to determine my future path and next steps.

Her ability to truly listen and ask pointed questions, her honesty, and her absence of judgment helped me clearly define the values and the strengths that are my core.

I am now better equipped to make the life choices that will maximize my personal fulfillment and my impact on others.”

Hulyn Farr
Finance Executive
Milwaukee, WI