Therapy Heals The Past –
Coaching Moves You Forward

From embracing every moment of motherhood and community involvement to surviving a heartbreaking divorce to reinventing myself with the career I love today, I know how frightening – and thrilling – change can be.

After years of being a silent sufferer and leading the life I thought I was supposed to lead – and then through my own searching and self-exploration – I finally became extremely intentional and fierce with myself.

I discovered my true passion and launched
Excavive™ Coaching & Consulting.


When I embraced my values
and my authenticity,
I was able to map out my own mission:

  • To be an empowering and enlivening force for women globally to live authentically and beautifully.
  • To excavate and activate the true spirit in people, personally and professionally, through coaching, speaking and writing.
  • To lead groups of people to synergistically be their best together with heart, passion, purpose and strength.


Empowered on the Inside
– Reflected on the Outside

sand-feetI’ve spent the past two decades studying personal growth, coaching and leadership through the Coaches Training Institute and other organizations and applying my skills and life experiences as I coach individuals around the world.

It’s through my own self-exploration – and working with my clients – that I’ve experienced the value of authenticity.
I’ve seen it in:

I Now Know

Every experience gives us the opportunity to learn and grow.beach-girl
Here are several lessons I now live by:
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success stories

As a design manager at Procter & Gamble in a high-stress performance-driven organization, Jennifer was able to help me reimagine the possibilities to a rewarding life and work balance.

After our six-week journey together, I signed up for a teacher yoga training, let go of a super unhealthy relationship and began my entrepreneurial journey.

I could not have done it without her expert guidance and knowledge— she supported me every step of the way!”

Yamilca Rodriquez
Co-founder of the Archetype Method
Louisville, KY

My work with Jennifer has exceeded my expectations and helped me realize goals that had been percolating for years.  From our beginning work together to discover my core values, to our ongoing conversations working through various roadblocks and obstacles, as well as my specific hopes and dreams, each piece of advice has been invaluable, propelling me forward and keeping me crystal clear on my path.  Jennifer is a skilled listener, relentlessly supportive and never makes me feel like I’m wrong, even when I am wrong.

Her gentle guidance enables me to see multiple sides of a situation to reach the best conclusion.

With her expert coaching, I have gained newfound confidence and success.”

Lisa Gaché
Founder & CEO of Beverly Hills Manners
Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer is incredibly smart! She is insightful, listens both firmly and empathetically, challenges you to be your best.  She has systems, is organized, keeps great notes and really gets into your mission.

She makes you feel like she’s your best friend who demands more of you… which is why you hire her in the first place.

My life has greatly improved because of my work with Jennifer. Get her on your team. She is worth it… and so are you!”

Liz McGovern
Principal, Liz McGovern & Associates
Bridgeport, CT

My experience with Jennifer helped me learn to speak my truth.

As a coach, she gave me the freedom to be more confident by cultivating an “I got this!” mentality, find my voice on a daily basis and to own my feelings.

I also learned some other great tools, but the thing I am most proud of is that I feel empowered every single day.”

Heather Beeler
Tax Manager & CPA, MCM CPA’s Louisville, KY

I feel incredibly fortunate to have Jennifer in my ‘life toolbox.’ She comes to each session fully dedicated and present – every time – and creates a sacred space in which her clients can work toward creating fulfilling and abundant lives.

She navigates us out of old patterns of limited thinking and into a world of limitless possibilities.

We’re empowered to ‘go for the gusto’ in all aspects of life by making mindful choices that specifically align with who we are. Jennifer is a true artist as a Life Coach.”

Laura Beasley
Attorney and Yoga Instructor
Louisville, KY

For the past several years, I have greatly enjoyed a relationship with Jennifer as a coach to help me build and maintain my business, and my firm has even utilized her to conduct company-wide workshops.

Why do I love working with Jennifer?

She is not just a coach, but also your biggest cheerleader.”

Reed Weinberg
President, PRGCommercial Property Advisors                 Louisville, KY