Owner, Excavive Coaching & Consulting

Jennifer Blair is an Inspirational Life Coach, Bestselling Author & International Speaker based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jennifer Blair has been inspiring her clients to connect with their most authentic self and find their true purpose in life for nearly two decades. Since launching Excavive Coaching & Consulting in 2003, she has gained a level of wisdom that comes only after working one-on-one with thousands of women and men from across the globe. She has built her coaching practice on the very principles she uses to guide her own life: confidence in yourself, empowerment, creativity and passion.

Because of her wise and intuitive nature, Jennifer is able to establish compassionate, confidential working relationships, enabling her clients to journey back to their most authentic-self and create a life based on their true values. Within the first few coaching sessions, Jennifer’s clients begin to understand how their choices impact their personal and professional life and are given effective tools to pursue and protect their passions, find life balance and nurture their joy.

“My clients are creative, capable and industrious — it’s up to me to excavate their best solutions through my training, experience, wisdom and intuition,” says Jennifer, “I know how to get to my clients’ core issues right away, doing it with grace, respect and kindness.”

Jennifer found her own true calling after surviving a heartbreaking divorce. Faced with a future filled with uncertainty, she dug deep into herself to find the confidence and strength to embrace every moment of motherhood while completely reinventing her career. She knows firsthand how frightening change can be — and how thrilling it is to take those first steps toward the life you’ve always wanted to lead. The core of Jennifer’s coaching practice has grown from her own life experiences and learning how to give herself the space to lead a meaningful life, overcoming lifelong fears and letting go of limiting belief structures.

Not only has Jennifer built a lasting coaching and corporate consulting practice, she is a sought-after speaker, was on Season 3 of the television series SpeakUP on Amazon Prime Video in 2021 and is a frequent podcast guest. She is also a four-time author, publishing her first book The True You: Tools to Excavate, Explore & Evolve in 2012. In 2020, Jennifer released her follow-up book, The True You Reimagined: Discover Your Authentic Self along with the complementary The True You Workbook: Tools to Reimagine Your Life, offering insightful writing exercises based on her many years of experience. She is also the co-author of the international best-seller book Women Who BossUp.

By blending creative coaching techniques with practical guidance, Jennifer gives every client the power to claim the life they deserve.

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