Choose Intentionally: Your Money, Your Time & Your Energy

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“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” ―Sarah Bernhardt

Do you have a budget- a way to allot your resources for a given period of time? Does your plan line up with your inspired goals, authentic values, true desires and expansive dreams- or do you stay stuck in survival mode, just trying to make it and hoping it will all work out? When you hear the word, “budget” do you get excited knowing you have a plan in place and feel positively confident that you make strong choices? Or, does the idea of a budget make you cringe with the negative thoughts of fear, guilt, doubt and uncertainty, making you feel like you are being held back, restricted or put in a box?

Discussions about how time and money are spent are everywhere, and for most people, it conjures up mixed reactions, good and bad. Many people are financially savvy, yet might be challenged with how they manage their time. For example, they work hard and make plenty of money yet they don’t indulge in the things that bring them joy such as playtime, downtime, enough time with people they love or even fully using their vacation time. Others might be efficient with their time, and but lack the resources or the confidence to create more abundance in their relationship with money, and thus feel vulnerable in life.

So when it comes to truly maximizing your resources, a budget serves the purpose of creating a foundation to best utilize all of your resources to live a rich life full of meaningful experiences and daily mastery. It’s the paradox of expansiveness- restricting what you have in order to better direct it and ultimately increase it. Time and money are the two most common commodities to be sorted and intentionally focused to support what you truly want. But I also believe energy needs to be included in the formula for success. By getting your time and money handled easily, it will increase your vitality and free you up to do what is really needed. So, deliberately allocate not only your money and time, but also your energy.  Here are some additional thoughts on purposefully directing your assets.

Intentional Budgeting of Your Resources:

Money What does money do for you? Money can provide security, stability, self-care, learning, adventure, philanthropy, validation, a solid future and a record of success. Your money choices can create either lasting satisfaction or instant gratification. Be in integrity, be generous and be smart with your currency. Although money is an exchange and measure of value, don’t let money define your personal value or self-worth, but see it as an empowered energy to use wisely.

  • What would you do with unlimited money?
  • Does the way you spend your money align with your values?
  • Do you include giving back and supporting your causes as part of your financial plan?
  • What do you need to a financial clean-up – debts, overspending, planning, money leaks?
  • Do you allocate dream money as part of your budget, allowing you to spend your money pursuing your goals?

Time Do you use your time wisely?  It seems everyone complains about not having enough time, when in actuality, I believe it is how time is prioritized. Choose what is really important, be realistic about the undertaking and learn to break down greater endeavors into smaller increments.  One way to think about time is to realize that every time you say yes to doing something, you are saying no to something else, and vice versa. Decide who and what you will say yes to and who and what you will say no to.

  • What would you do with more time?
  • Does the way you spend your time match your values and goals?
  • Is your deadline real, or did you make it up? Are there other resources are available so you can delegate?
  • Do you have life balance?

Energy When you think about the many aspects of your life, energy is exerted for everything that you not only execute but also even think about doing. Eventually- mental, physical and even emotional exhaustion can set in if you are not being true to yourself. In order to re-energize yourself, it is important to identify who or what gives you energy, and who or what takes it away. By identifying the positive and negative influences, you can create more awareness of where the specific “leaks” exist; and then work to re-calibrate your time, energy and resources.

  • Do you have enough energy to pursue your passions?
  • Do you expend your energy honoring your values and goals?
  • Do you protect your energy from the things that drain you, as well as invest in the people, places and things that give you energy?
  • How can you double your vitality?

So, what’s the point of it all? When you clarify your goals and remove financial barriers, time limitations and energy drains, you can then channel your energy into moving forward and expanding your possibilities of fulfillment. As Author Terry McMillan said, “Too many of us are hung up on what we don’t have, can’t have, or won’t ever have. We spend too much energy being down, when we could use that same energy – if not less of it – doing, or at least trying to do, some of the things we really want to do.”Start by truthfully assessing where you really are, right-sizing your expectations, getting out of the “somedays,” creating an intentional living plan, and then fiercely pursue all that you want and desire.

A Coaching Exercise to Re-claim Your Resources and Direct Your Energy: 

Using a blank piece of paper, create two columns of the following:

A “Good” for YOU list

Who or what gives you energy; creates happiness and wellness; makes you come alive? List all of the people, places and things that bring you pleasure and add to your life. (ex: friends, eating healthy, exercise, time off, daily fresh air, fulfilling work, adventures, self-care, your assets)

A “Bad” for YOU list

Who or what drains your energy? What are you tolerating? Who are your “energy vampires?” List everything that irritates you and is detrimental, big and small, to your wellbeing. (ex: clutter, needy people, perfectionism, not using your voice, fear, skipping meals, your debts)

With the above information, begin to rid yourself (or set boundaries and limits) of the things that do not serve you. Identify the most draining energy zappers and work to eliminate those first, while continuing to make time for the things the nurture you. Budget your energy towards increasing your abundance, your vitality and your overall life satisfaction.