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I love rituals because they increase a sense of renewal, strength, groundedness, clarity, and creativity. Rituals are an act of self-love, and as you practice yours, you will strengthen your resiliency and create what you desire. Here are 20 ideas for rituals you can add to your routine: Bless everything in your life each morning […]

Let the Power of Listing Serve You… Not Enslave You

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How many lists do you make over and over again? Things to do.  Errands to run. Groceries to buy. Work tasks to be completed. Goals to set. Calls to return. School supplies, clothes and gifts to purchase. Home repairs to be scheduled. Vacations to plan…the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lists can be endless.

I have observed that people’s lives are run by their “to do” lists. They make long, detailed lists, often adding an unrealistic number of items to be completed in a short timeframe. I see clients focus on what is not done rather than celebrate what gets completed. When they do finish a job, they are so focused on moving forward to the next item that they give little thought or recognition for a job well done. Their sense of accomplishment, even self worth, is determined by the number items they check off on a regular basis, instead of the quality and balance they are bringing to their overall lives.

Are you being realistic about your lists and the role they play in your life?  How many lists do you create, what is on them, and how much time do you allocate?  Do you consider if an item really needs to be on the list, and if it brings you joy?

Honoring Your Life Cycles

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By experiencing a complete cycle, it will bring the truest form of what is being created. This must occur in order for there to be fullness, understanding, sustainability and gestation of life.

How do you honor the cycles of your life? Do you give adequate leeway for the necessary stages of growth and completion to occur? Can you stick with the ups and downs, ebbs and flows… for the sake of a full and satisfying life? In today’s impatient world of hurriedness and instant gratification, there is an opportunity to slow down, be fully present and savor each stage of the journey. And, when the cycle is complete, honor what has been learned, and then start again.

Capture the Extraordinary, not the Ordinary… Your Aha Moments

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Embracing the Aha’s of life… I love the subject of discovering revelations, witnessing turning points, capturing ultimate creativity and seeing the shift in real time as it occurs in people’s lives. After all, as a Life Coach, I am privy to amazing “aha” moments, big and small, each and every day— mine, friends, clients— and I see magic take hold as the miracles occur. So, I thought this subject would be easy to write about. But when it came down to actually putting on paper what I believe to be important, it became rather challenging.  How do you explain these amazing events, the marvel…the wonder…the awe…. the vision?

Manners Matter

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Are you minding your manners? Are you saying “please” and “thank you;” sending hand-written thank you notes when people do something gracious for you; and being nice to the people around you? Are you being honorable, staying in integrity and being true to your word? I hope so because it seems to me that many people have either lost the art of etiquette, or were never taught it in the first place.

Feed Your Soul: A Recipe for Creating a Fulfilling Life

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Are you living a full, rich and meaningful life, or are you depriving yourself from the aliveness and joyfulness life has to offer you? Do you feel completely satiated and satisfied, or are you starving your soul?

The Life Coaching process assists people in creating a unique formula for their lives, based on visualizing what they want, identifying values, creating meaningful work and moving through limiting beliefs towards peace, harmony and vitality. When all of this is mixed together, a recipe for true fulfillment and success is created, not based on something you can attain or own, but rather something you can become… your true essence.

8 Ways to Keep it Real at Work

What is it to be your true self at work — not just the person filling a role, playing a part, acting professionally, or achieving a big project? Are you able to truly be your best and authentic self while maintaining professional credibility and influence?


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in all of the daily frenzy of a modern life, people are not only mentally unfocused and physically exhausted, but also have forgotten why they are doing so much running around in the first place. People spend a good deal of time doing, and very little time relaxing, stopping or simply being. I believe that in order to be truly happy and successful, you must learn to unplug and create a more rhythmic life that balances work with resting the body, mind and spirit.

Sounds simple, yet, how do you really reduce your speed?

Mint Your Abundance: Cultivate Prosperity

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I have been thinking a lot about wealth, abundance and success lately and what it means to manifest what you want. Abundance can mean different things to different people, and can include both the tangible and intangible areas of life.

Living abundantly encompasses creating and balancing your definition of wealth relationally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. The most challenging of these areas for many women is around money and their thoughts about financial success.

Awaken the Small Voice Within

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You may have heard of ESP, intuition or even someone’s psychic abilities to provide answers to the unknown, or even make predictions about what is happening in the past, present or future. Do you ever wonder if that sixth sense is valid? And if so, who has it, where does it come from, how is it used and why is it important?

In my opinion, developing your intuition is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.