Passion & Creativity

Access Your Personal Power

What makes a person powerful? Is it their money, fame, position, charisma, social status or expertise? Some of these things are important, but the most powerful person has the ability to use not only their external resources, but also access and activate their internal gifts and talents. An influential person is first and foremost true to themselves, and their internal make-up is reflected in their outside world of relationships, work, community and environment. Are you using your powers for good?

Capture the Extraordinary, not the Ordinary… Your Aha Moments

Photo credit: hehaden

Embracing the Aha’s of life… I love the subject of discovering revelations, witnessing turning points, capturing ultimate creativity and seeing the shift in real time as it occurs in people’s lives. After all, as a Life Coach, I am privy to amazing “aha” moments, big and small, each and every day— mine, friends, clients— and I see magic take hold as the miracles occur. So, I thought this subject would be easy to write about. But when it came down to actually putting on paper what I believe to be important, it became rather challenging.  How do you explain these amazing events, the marvel…the wonder…the awe…. the vision?

Unleash Your Inner Gypsy

Photo: John Perivolaris

I was inspired by the idea of gypsies, and I used the semblance of their lives to deepen my own path and passions. To me, gypsies have qualities that I desired more of in my life, such as their beautiful, extravagant and playful look; the free-spirited dancing and love of music; their ability to move around the world uninhibited; and their sense of community. So I used the gypsy-filled symbolism to inspire my own guidelines of balancing freedom and passion with responsibility in my world.

Don’t get me wrong; I realize gypsies have a bad reputation, especially in today’s modern world. They are known as nomads who take advantage of the people, places and things, and do not have much regard for others. However, their dreamy qualities gave me the portal to further explore how I wanted more freedom, passion, excitement, adventure and beauty in my life, and I coupled that with my personal responsibility and commitments to change my world.

Fun, Frolic and Play… Everyday

Photo Credit: ueha nochi

Summer is almost here! A time that is relaxed, carefree, lazy and unstructured. It is the perfect time to frolic and play and have fun every single day. Frolic is defined as playful behavior or action, merriment, gaiety, fun… so how much fun are you really having? Are you taking time to build play into your life, every day, all year?

People often wait until the weekend or a vacation but you can start now, especially since summertime gives us a jump-start. The truth is when you focus on play and enjoyment, you can create more overall happiness in your life.

Harness the Power of Adventure

Photo credit: Tess Thompson

I recently returned from a trip to the Czech Republic with my daughter. She studied there for two months, and at the end of her program, I joined her for two weeks of exploring Prague. I was there long enough to gain an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of the city, as well as have a new experience with my daughter.

While I was fortunate enough to spend several days in Europe, most people do not have the time or resources to travel abroad. Travel can teach you things you did not know you did not know, and can show you sights and people of immeasurable beauty. Even if you are unable to travel, you have the power to pursue the unknown, and to learn— which, really, is, what travel is all about.

Here are some tips on how to have your best adventure, no matter where you are.

Launch Yourself: Love What You Do

Photo credit: Laura Hartog

Becoming an empty nester is a time when a parent’s child or children are flying the coop and leaving home, maybe for the first time beyond summer camps, school trips, family visits or extended vacations. These fantastic creatures are seeking their independence and moving on to higher learning, jobs, marriages or other living arrangements, and it can be both exciting and scary.

I can personally share that experiencing this rite of passage is conflicted. It can be a time of ecstatic joy and reclaimed freedom, as well as sadness, grief and loss. Sending off anything or anyone, much less our children can be bittersweet. There is an excitement of seeing children come into their own and their hard work coming to fruition by hopefully witnessing them being accepted into their college of choice or attaining their first great job.

If this applies to you, or someone close to you, you can give yourself permission to redefine life as you have known it and explore not only “what’s next?” but also “what could the best possible future look like?”

Let Your Inner Light Shine

Photo credit: martinak15

As we enter the Holiday season, I think about what is sparkly, bright and shiny. I love to embrace all things glittery this time of year… flickering lights, dazzling jewels, festive clothing, shimmering stars, champagne bubbles, candlelight yoga, and even the twinkle of an eye. But most importantly, all of this shininess reminds me there is an even bigger year opportunity to let our own inner light shine.

When a person sparkles, they become alive and fully illuminated to a greater state of being. I often wonder where that glimmer comes from. What creates radiance, and how can one use their brilliance to be genuine with themselves and the world?

8 Ways to Tap Into Your Feminine Pink Power

Photo credit: Pam & Tom Holmes

The color of pink has a long history for many people. More recently, it has come to be associated with breast cancer awareness and the importance of compassion, courage and gratitude for life. But more than that, to me, the color pink represents the depth of the feminine senses and power of intuition.

Dream in Color

Photo credit: Valerie Everett

Fall is a time to reflect upon the year so far, consider what is left and dream about what can be next. I love the idea of being given a clean slate or blank canvas so that you can add any color to the canvas of your life.

What if you could truly have a crisp new beginning, with the purity and innocence of no fear and then boldly add as many colors to your white, blank canvas? How would your artwork unfold as you set new goals, embrace your vision, instill positive intentions and move bravely forward? What dreams and desires do you have for yourself? How would you design your new work of art, the masterpiece of your life?

Be Tempted and Do Something About It

Photo Credit: Ano Lobb

What tempts you? Maybe it is the latest get-rich-quick scheme you read about on-line. Maybe it’s sex, power or prestige. Or possibly it’s money, possessions or a favorite dessert. When most people hear the word “temptation,” it stirs up thoughts of a wild torrid affair, a piece of chocolate, playing hooky, or taking a spontaneous trip where you leave it all behind.

So, what do you want? What if you could be curious about the desire that has been ignited within you?