Passion & Creativity

Excavate Your Creative Self

Photo Credit: Daniel Lee

When I attended my first Life Coaching training more than a decade ago, one of the first things I learned is that everyone is “creative, resourceful and whole; and they have their answers inside themselves.” I understood people were fully capable of finding solutions but what I did not recognize at the time is how powerful and provocative tapping into one’s creative source can be.

Many people tend to put their creativity on hold, saving artistic things for when they have extra time, money and resources. So, where do you start? What does it take to awaken the dormant, creative soul?

Ignite Your Inner Passion

Photo credit: Nina

“What is passion? Passion is surely the becoming of a person.” – John Boorman

Do you feel alive and present in your life? Are you doing the things you love in your work, your home, your community and your relationships? Are you raising your heart rate on a daily basis, whether you are exercising or making love?

Connecting To Your Sensual Self

Photo credit: Katia Romanova

“The fiery moments of a passionate experience are moments of wholeness and totality.” – Anais Nin

Do you feel satisfied and connected to your sensual, sexual self? Are you bonding with your partner in a deeply intimate physical way? Do you have a passion-filled life that includes connection, creativity, self-nurturance and love?