I love rituals because they increase a sense of renewal, strength, groundedness, clarity, and creativity. Rituals are an act of self-love, and as you practice yours, you will strengthen your resiliency and create what you desire. Here are 20 ideas for rituals you can add to your routine: Bless everything in your life each morning […]

The Power of Influence

I have exciting news:  A former client of mine, State Senator Deb Soholt and former Secretary of Education Mel Schopp— both from South Dakota— have formed a new company called Influential She. Through their amazing lives and careers, they discovered that women have an amazing ability to influence the world.  But to do that, they need […]

Our Unlikely Teachers… Learn from Your Enemies

Photo credit: Piermarco

I originally wrote this piece in 2012 for Underwired Magazine’s Frienenemy Issue, and decided to publish this now since there seems to be more disruption and deeper divisions in relationships than ever before.  In this blog, I have attempted to give you new tools, ideas and perspectives on how to handle difficult people, always for the sake of your own personal growth, expansion and evolvement.

I considered writing what it means to be a good friend, how to keep your friends or even how to handle it when people don’t like you or seem to be against you. But then I recalled the quote, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” and as it often happens for me, a message about self-discovery emerged. At first glance, one might think it is important to know your enemies so that you can stay a step ahead or be ready for the unknown or an attack. Yet it seems to me that this perspective comes out of fear, paranoia and distrust, and not faith, trust and certainty, which does not serve people. I believe there is something to learn from every experience and every person who comes into one’s path, especially those people who are more difficult— they can be our greatest teachers.

Claim Your Success

Photo credit: Andy Morffew

Are you successful, and if so, in what ways? Are you happy with who you are and what you have achieved? Most often, success is defined by one’s accomplishments—favorable endeavors that come to fruition; the attainment of wealth, position or honors; or a person who has achieved success. This description might be true for you, but I also believe the definition of success must include the “who you are” part, and everyone must create their own personal definition of success.

So what does success mean to you? How do you define it, claim it and pursue it? Is it a plentiful bank account, a certain social status, the right home in the right neighborhood, a title at work or an educational degree? Is it your own happiness, the quality of your relationships or a balanced life? How do you know when you have made it to the top, truly arrived at your destination or reached your pinnacle?

Soul Sisters

Photo credit: My Sister, Michelle Blair

Soul sisters… the deeply connected females we believe know us best and love us the most. They are our closest friends who understand our essence, intuitively connect to our souls and withhold judgments by loving us no matter what. Many of us have close friends, but how many of them are truly, deeply, and madly your best girlfriend— a soul sister who has been to the depth of your despair and the heighth of your elation?

Be at Home

 Photo credit: Jennifer Blair, my family room

I must confess, this summer has been difficult as it has been my new reality that my children are really not living here any longer. I love that I have kept their childhood home for them, and it is place for them to come home to. But truth be told, it no longer feels like me. I am in a traditional space but am a more contemporary gal. I would love to live near water but love my friends and community here. So, when it comes to thinking about “ home,” I have been pondering the many aspects that make up a home, the real meaning of a home, and what it has to offer not only me but others as well.

So, where do you LIVE? Where do you feel most at home? And if you are lost, exploring or wondering, how do you find your way back to a home base for yourself? Here are some places to start looking….

Capture the Extraordinary, not the Ordinary… Your Aha Moments

Photo credit: hehaden

Embracing the Aha’s of life… I love the subject of discovering revelations, witnessing turning points, capturing ultimate creativity and seeing the shift in real time as it occurs in people’s lives. After all, as a Life Coach, I am privy to amazing “aha” moments, big and small, each and every day— mine, friends, clients— and I see magic take hold as the miracles occur. So, I thought this subject would be easy to write about. But when it came down to actually putting on paper what I believe to be important, it became rather challenging.  How do you explain these amazing events, the marvel…the wonder…the awe…. the vision?

Experience Your Full Range of Emotions

Photo credit: Paval Hadzinski

How are you feeling today?  Happy? Sad? Glad? Mad?  Can you actually name the many swirling feelings that are often going on at the same time? Women are seen as the emotional ones, the backbone of families and organizations. Yet the paradox is that when they fully express those same emotions that make them sensitive, feminine and loving, they are seen as the weaker sex or even incompetent. Women, as well as men, are taught to believe that if they cry then they are not strong, and worse, are seen as feeble, needy, dependent or even fragile. Further, people are often encouraged to suppress their feelings, to toughen up and to ignore their own needs for the sake of appearing stable and consistent.  Is that really an authentic way to live?

Unleash Your Inner Gypsy

Photo: John Perivolaris

I was inspired by the idea of gypsies, and I used the semblance of their lives to deepen my own path and passions. To me, gypsies have qualities that I desired more of in my life, such as their beautiful, extravagant and playful look; the free-spirited dancing and love of music; their ability to move around the world uninhibited; and their sense of community. So I used the gypsy-filled symbolism to inspire my own guidelines of balancing freedom and passion with responsibility in my world.

Don’t get me wrong; I realize gypsies have a bad reputation, especially in today’s modern world. They are known as nomads who take advantage of the people, places and things, and do not have much regard for others. However, their dreamy qualities gave me the portal to further explore how I wanted more freedom, passion, excitement, adventure and beauty in my life, and I coupled that with my personal responsibility and commitments to change my world.

Embrace Beauty, Inside and Out

Photo credit: fs999

It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Are you acquainted with what is beautiful to YOU? What stirs your senses, makes your heart beat faster and makes you smile? Do you know what makes beautiful people pretty?

As a lover of beauty, I find that beauty must be experienced and reflected in as many aspects of life as possible. By taking the time to discover your own personal style, tastes and preferences, you can then let it emulate everywhere and in everything. Beauty in all its many forms must be witnessed, enhanced, preserved and shared. And what you create through your definition of beauty will be a mirror of your true essence and ultimately an inspiration to others.