I love rituals because they increase a sense of renewal, strength, groundedness, clarity, and creativity. Rituals are an act of self-love, and as you practice yours, you will strengthen your resiliency and create what you desire. Here are 20 ideas for rituals you can add to your routine:

  1. Bless everything in your life each morning and night.
  2. Go for a morning walk.
  3. Move your body by stretching or doing yoga.
  4. Greet yourself in the mirror each morning with an “I love you.”
  5. Start a journal to express your joys and sorrows, pain, and pride.
  6. Pray, meditate, or visualize.
  7. Pull a card from a deck of cards and think about the message.
  8. Plan your day and “Pick 3” inspired actions to achieve daily.
  9. Read or listen to something inspirational/educational.
  10. Do one scary thing each day.
  11. Connect with one person you love each day.
  12. Exercise, or dance around the house to music you love.
  13. Nap for renewal.
  14. Drink lots of water.
  15. Disconnect from technology for a period of time each day.
  16. Read your children a bedtime story each night.
  17. Take a hot bath surrounded by candles. Dr. Teal’s bath salts are my favorite!
  18. Write down your wins at the end of each day.
  19. Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate (or anything else you love.)
  20. Create a bedtime ritual.