Make Space

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“Deep within your soul there is a knowing place…a sanctuary where gifts are nurtured. Enter that space. Spend time there tending your gifts. There in the chapel of your heart, you will become a gift to be given.”Anonymous

I have recently completed renovating, repairing and beautifying my home… and in thinking about space, my first thought was to write about cleaning out the clutter in your physical spaces; getting rid of the things and stuff that no longer work in order to make room for something else. Often when people want more, new, different or upgraded things, they believe they need to make space first, only to realize months or years later, they have simply accumulated more unwanted or useless material goods that are collecting dust and encumbering a room. The cycle continues, and another clean out is needed.

Space is most often perceived in the physical realm, but I believe there are other areas of life where clutter is held. In order to become freer and lighter overall in life, all spaces need to be considered on an on-going basis. These include not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional, relational, financial and spiritual parts. Space, which encompasses all of these areas, is the bigger vision and purpose of your life; the particles are the details, the fears, bad habits, patterns or the things in which people tend to get caught.

So, in order to create a rich, genuine vision that will move you toward all you want, you must be willing to clean up life’s particles and detailed clutter, as well as keep space open and unencumbered. It is only then, with a trustful openness and new plan, you can create the space to add something back. Learning to include the pauses of life, spacing out for a while, letting go of any attachments, finding happiness with less, and being okay with the unknown are all important to the clean up process. It is in this stillness and spaciousness that new ideas can arrive easily and serendipitously, and greater possibilities can be born.

Life Areas to Free Up More Space…

Consider what you can do to make room for not only what you deeply desire but also for something better than you could possibly imagine at this point in time.

Physical Space Does your physical environment inspire you or drain you? Simplify, de-clutter and create a personal sanctuary in your home and office. What “things” are you holding on to that you really no longer need, or someone else could use more than you? Donate to charities, non-profits or consignment shops. A consistent business practice I have is when a client moves on to live their authentic journey, I take their file out of my active storage cabinet so that way I make room for new people to engage my services. New people come along at just the right moment in time, so my file cabinet is not over, or under, stuffed.

Mental Space What do you think about on a consistent basis? Are you productive, positive and proactive in your thinking, or do you have a tape running in your head over and over again, only to find that you are not really resolving anything, but merely creating a bigger problem instead of truthful solutions? Don’t let your unruly thoughts run the show. Get rid of the junk in your mind so that you can be intellectually engaged and openly stimulated. Do a Brain Dump exercise on a regular basis.

Emotional Space How are you feeling today? Become emotionally intelligent and understand how your emotions drive your thoughts and actions. Learn to name and accept all of your emotions, as they simply are indicators that a change might be needed. Observe them, let them flow through and then use them to create new or different actions. “This Too Shall Pass” can be a great reminder.

Relational Space Do you have real connections with people who honor you and vice versa? Perhaps you need to recalibrate, rebalance or give someone space so each of you can remain true to yourself. Let go of past relationship issues, defense mechanisms, masks and bad patterns so you can allow more intimacy in a current partnership, or make space for a new relationship to blossom. What firm commitment and courageous communication can you make to the people who matter most to you, whether they are a romantic partner, family member or friend, and would like to invest in a stronger association? Take time to have communion with those you love and care for, including yourself.

Financial Space Do you use your money mindfully? Are you maximizing your hard-earned dollars and being thoughtful with your resources? Do you have debt that creates shame and guilt, or have you become financially dependent on someone else and don’t know how to break free? Money is energy, so take the steps to clean up anything that is not positively working for you in this area, such as cutting frivolous spending, saving more, creating a financial plan or seeking sound advice.

Spiritual Space   Do you feel connected to God or your Higher Power? Are you making the space to get spiritually grounded, be in the moment, tap into your intuition, and hear the small voice inside that sheds light in every life situation? Take time to get quiet, pray, meditate, worship, cultivate an inner peace, and renew spirit. Real “inspiration” originates from this spiritual connection.

By making space in your life to deal with the painful disappointments, the heartaches, the clutter or unnecessary stuff, you can re-energize for the necessary work, and embrace the authentically creative version of yourself. The Reverend Michael Beckwith said, “We are pushed by our pain until we are pulled by our vision.” Deal with any pain or disappointments so you can move towards dreams that are full of surprises and amazing beyond your expectations. Contemplate, imagine, get spaced out, have your head in the clouds, dream with your eyes wide open and make space for your new vision.

A Coaching Exercise for Making Space for a New Vision:

Using the above areas, commit to yourself to make space by choosing an area or two to focus on, and then ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I am at my best, what would I do right now?
  • Where am I suffering? What am I resisting?
  • Where am I selling myself short?
  • What is it to surrender and be fully present?
  • What is it to engage the heart and soul?
  • What would it be like to transcend________, in order to create______?

Now consider creating a visual reminder that reflects what you want your life to really look like. Daydream, meditate, journal, discuss your ideas with a friend, flip through magazines, surf the internet and then construct your Vision Board utilizing words and pictures to reflect your new vision. Remember that by opening up the needed space, you will begin to see what is truly possible.
Meet Jennifer: Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author Jennifer M. Blair is founder of Excavive™ Coaching and Consulting, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Her work focuses on empowering people to pursue their passions, increase their self-confidence, communicate powerfully and build the kind of lives they want to live. If you love these Blog posts, many have been adapted from her first book, The True You: Tools to Excavate, Explore and Evolve, published in 2011.